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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does offer customization services?
Yes! is committed to offer you affordable and “tailored to perfection” customization services. Our portfolio of customization service includes but not limited to: Embroidery Services, Screen Printing Services, Heat Transfer Services, Appliqué / Reverse Appliqué, Laser Etching.
Q: How long it would take to process custom embroidery, screen-printing and other customization orders?
An average time for embroidery, screen-printing and other customization orders is 8-10 business days and for new orders, it takes 5-8 business days. (expedited services available).
Q: What is the minimum amount required for order customization service?
To know about minimum amount to qualify for customization services please email us at or call us at (813)-344-0919.
Q: How long it would take to convert logo to digitized file?
Our internal digitization staff that will take your logo and convert to DST (digitized) files in 1-2 business days (same day service available).
Q: Do you offer blank apparel manufacturing services?
Yes, we work for small to medium private labels. Our Manufacturing services are tailored to manufacture similar or better product than your competition at similar (retail) price point. We have our customization facilities in United States, and manufacturing facilities in Pakistan and Bangladesh that offer a huge advantage. As we are able to satisfy your smaller and prompt needs right here from US, and larger orders where we have more than a few weeks out of our manufacturing basis. Click here to learn more about our manufacturing services.
Q: Can I select different colors and styles in my order for business logo embroidery?
Yes. You can choose any item individually and mix & match different styles available on our site to get them embroidered
Q: How Does Your Free Shipping Work? offers free shipping across United States when your total cart value is $149 or more
Q: Do you produce free samples?
Unfortunately not. All samples we produce are charged in full. But do know that we provide dedicated customization specialist to you that ensures you get the most excellent results for your order.
Q: How can I make sure that the product looks fantastic?
Our qualified and experienced staff pays attention to even the minutest details of your design. You will also have a dedicated customization specialist who will work with you to ensure your product comes out amazing
Q: How does your pricing work for logo embroidery?
Our logo embroidery is priced in the following way:
•  Number of garments to be embroidered is by far the most important criteria
•  Number of colors
•  Number of locations on the shirt
Q: Do I have to pay the initial set up charges if I reorder my logo embroidery apparel?
No. If you are ordering the same logo design for embroidery, we will not charge any setup fee. 
Q: Can I return logo embroidered item?
Unfortunately no. It is not possible to remove your embroidered logo for reuse of the apparel. Thus any embroidered item is not refundable or returnable.  
Q: Can I iron on the Embroidered Logo?
Yes you can iron your logo, but only from the inside of your garment.  Do not use an iron directly on the face or top side of your embroidered logo.
Q: If I have multiple logos that need to be digitized, do I have to pay each time?
Yes, each logo you wish to use on embroidered products must be digitized separately.
Q: What are the limitations to embroidery?
Small text, fine details, and color gradients are difficult to reproduce with embroidery. Additionally the level of detail that can be reproduced is affected by the type of fabric the logo is stitched on. For more information you can coordinate with our customization specialist by calling on our number.

Q: Do I have to supply the shirts, caps, etc. that I want embroidered?
No. You can order garments from our online catalog.  We offer various top brands at discounted rates on our store.
Q: Can I get my shirts personalized with names?
Yes, you can. We offer several ways to personalize your shirts beyond just adding a custom embroidered logo.  Please contact us for more details.
Q: What types of items can be embroidered?
Most things can be embroidered. The rule of thumb is if we can get the item onto the embroidery machine it can be embroidered. Traditional items that are embroidered include clothing, bags and caps
Q: Do you test every design to ensure it looks best on the specific material?
Yes. Not only we complete digital verification, we embroidered your logo on similar fabric to assure look and feel of final product before proceeding with production of your order.
Q: Do you offer Rush option for Logo Embroidery order and is there any fee associated with it?
Yes, we offer Rush Option for Logo Embroidery’s production and delivery. We charge $2.50 fee per Logo Embroidery/Shirt.
Q: Is there any difference between setup cost of All Graphics Logo vs. All Text Logo?
No. Both of them need to be digitized and the cost runs same in both.
Q: Can I get screen printing and embroidery on the same garment?
Yes you can. But keep in mind that in order to put your order through multiple departments it will add time to the production of your order.
Q: Do you keep my art on file?
Yes.  We keep your logo on file. On reorders, you do not have to upload you logo again, as long as there are no color changes or edits. Otherwise, you can upload your new logo.
Q: What is the difference between MSRP, MAP, List Price and Your Price at
Let’s get terms straight and then everything will come together very easily:

MSRP: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. This is a merchandise sale price, suggested by brand.

MAP: Minimum Advertised Price. Many brands put a restriction on how low a sale price can be used in advertisements and listings.

List Price: This is the price list merchandise for the purchase by its customers 

Sale Price: This price includes all discounts you may be entitled to after using a Coupon or Special buy items (coupons are not needed with special price items)

To bring it all together: We at transfer all of the discounts and offers we have from suppliers to our customers. You’ll see MSRP crossed with MAP (if MAP is enforced by brand) or List price next to it. Once you’ll add merchandise to the shopping cart and use a coupon, you’ll see the final price that you’ll need to pay at checkout.

Also, don’t forget to earn Reward Points by shopping at Depending on your account, you may earn Upto three % rewards for shopping at 

Keep Shopping at to save a lot!

Q: How many different types of back closure systems are available on caps?
There are five common types of (back) closing system. All are mentioned below:

1. Leather Strap & Grommet
2. Plastic Snap
3. Tape Closure
4. Slide Closure
5. Fitted Back

Q: What does a Low Profile or Crown Cap mean?
A low profile or crown cap is a description of the shallower height of the crown which is usually 2-3 inch range.
Q: What does Mid Crown Cap mean?
A Mid Crown or Profile Cap refers to a baseball cap with a 3 to 4 inch slightly lower crown.
Q: What is a High Profile Cap?
A high profile cap has more than 4 inches high crown. High profile caps have a buckram lining.
Q: What does Fitted Cap mean?
A Fitted Cap is as the name suggests fitted to your head (one size fits all).
Q: What are different closure types in Adjustable Caps?
Adjustable Baseball Caps have closures on the back of the caps that help you to adjust the size. The common types of closures include Plastic snap, hook/loop tape, fabric tuck strap with slide closure, leather strap antique brass or silver buckle and grommet.
Q: What is the difference between a structured and an Unstructured Cap?
Some caps, when you remove them from your head, still hold the shape of the cap. Others, when you remove the cap, the crown collapses into floppy fabric. This is the difference between structured and unstructured caps. Structured caps have reinforced with buckram behind the front two panels. The unstructured hat does not have the white buckram panels.
Q: What Is a Trucker Mesh Cap?
A Mesh Trucker Cap is also known as netback cap is a type of baseball cap. Its design includes a panels crafted of plastic mesh in place of the usual four cloth panels finishing the back, are used instead. The wide, open weave of this mesh help the head to cool quickly, and the plastic mesh is less sweat-absorbent than any type of cloth. Some, trucker mesh caps comes with the foam front. The foam front is highly absorbent, serving both as a sweat guard and an ideal surface for the wearer.
Q: What is the difference between fleece and sweatshirts?

The primary difference between fleece and sweatshirt is that fleece consists of uncountable hair or wool while sweatshirt is a loose shirt that is typically made up of a knit fleece.

Q: Can I get refund to a different credit card than that of which has been used for transaction purpose?
No, we can only refund the amount in the same Credit Card through which the transaction was made. If in case your credit card was compromised, we can pay you through Pay pal or check.

If you can't receive a payment through Paypal or Check then we can issue you a store credit in form of reward points which you can utilize while placing your next order with us.
Q: What are our customer service timings?
Email: 24 hours
Phone: Eastern 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Q: What are our payment options?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept payment via PayPal. You’ll need to have an account established with PayPal
Q: Do I have to pay Sales Tax? charges sales tax of 7% only on orders delivered to Florida.
Q: How do I change my account information?
Login to My Account page and update your information. Note that changes you make to your account will not be reflected on any order that you have in progress.
Q: How do I know my order and account information are secure?
We provide our web users complete peace of mind with our Premium Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate that absolutely assure our customers that their credit card numbers and personal information will be kept safe from interception. SSL Certificate is a piece of software that encrypts all information moving to and from the Certificate holder’s website. This means no exchange between the website and its visitors can be intentionally or accidentally “overheard” by the third party, regardless the visitor is placing an order or just signing up for a newsletter.
Q: How do I know if the items I ordered are on back order?
We work hard to make sure that all products on are in stock. However, occasionally an item is temporarily out of stock and on back order. When this happens, we will notify and let you decide if you wish for the item or have your order shipped without the backordered item. We will ship the item as soon as it becomes available. Your credit card is not charged until the order is fulfilled.
Q: How to get blank apparel special offers and discounts?
Our Current offers section at is smart enough to avail exclusive discount offered by us. Please Click Here for more information.
Q: Can I combine two or more special offers/discount deals by
You can not combine one special offer/discount deal with other; for more information please contact
Q: How should I know the product is see-through?
To know about the product is see-through, please feel free to call us at (813)344-0919 or email us at
Q: How do I update or delete my review at TrustPilot?
Please click on following link to read instructions at TrustPilot website.
Q: What is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial?

The major difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial materials is the kinds of microorganism they act upon. While antibacterial products like soaps and detergents eliminate the growth of bacteria, antimicrobial products like hand sanitizers eliminate the spread of bacteria and other viruses.

Q: Can I return Embellished Merchandise?
Merchandise embellished with Screen Print, Embroidery or any other method cannot be returned. At, we put you incharge at every stage to approve artwork and customization location during embellishment process. Once embellished, we may not have a way to revert/fix the artwork. Please pay attention to details as we won’t be able to return/refund for merchandise or embellishment services unless we find that we did not produce approved artwork/color selection.
Q: Can I return close-out item?
Close out items cannot be returned for credit or exchange. Close out items will be marked clearly on product detail page.
Q: How do I Return the order?
We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction which means you have complete peace of mind. We offer hassle free returns and rest assured you will be taken care of by our excellent customer service at If you are not satisfied in any way, you may return your items within 21 days of receiving them for either an exchange or refund.
Q: Sizes do not fit, what do I do for an exchange?
When it comes to exchange, a customer wants to know three things at very first, so let Us answer that for you. There is never restocking fee on any returns. And as we do not offer direct exchange, we ask customers to place a new order and returning the unwanted separately.

Follow these steps:
1- Call Us Requesting a Return Authorization (RA) for the full or partial order. In one business day or less (usually much less), we will send you an email with your RA #.
2- Write that number on the box, ship the box through any service.
3- Once we have received your unwanted items you can place a new order. And we will appreciate if the credit card billing name is same.
4- Keep the new and old order number handy.
Q: Can I cancel or change an already placed order?
Due to our immediate order fulfillment, we are unable to make changes or cancellations to an order once it is placed. However, you can do a return or exchange once you receive the product.
Q: How long will it take for delivery? orders are shipped to you via UPS and FedEx ground. Orders generally take 1-2 business days for delivery but can take up to 7 business days for delivery. Shipping options include Ground,2nd Day,3Day ,Next Day shipments.
Q: What is the cost of shipping? is using the most current version of UPS and FedEx On-Line Tools to calculate its shipping cost. Costs are based on depending on our stock and location of the warehouse where your selected items are available to you. Your order will ship from one of our 10 warehouses whichever is nearest to you.
Q: Do you ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico or AE addresses?
YES We Do!!! Simply go through the checkout process, do not calculate shipping on the cart page (that is only for within 48 US states), put in your name, email and address and click on checkout and shipping options are displayed on the following page.
Q: What is the shipping carrier we use?
All shipping orders are delivered via UPS and FedEx.