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Sublimation Printing Services

We ApparelnBags.com are not your average customization company. We’re big and we’re one of the best. One of the reasons for that is our state-of-the-art sublimation printing service. Our ability to beautifully sublimate the most complicated designs even on non-traditional products is what sets us apart. This has allowed us to become one of the leaders of this industry. We guarantee a superior sublimation and we pay attention to every intricate detail. Our ability to understand our customers' visions and translate it into artistically sublimated pieces.

We offer custom sublimated printing on every type of product made out of fabric. These include the polo shirts, t shirts, buttoned shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, caps, bags, flags, table covers, sports uniforms and etc. All you need to do is provide us with either your company logo or personal artwork, and we’ll handle the rest.

A dedicated customization specialist will work with you through-out the project and will make sure that there aren’t any hiccups and every product is perfect, just the way you want them to be. These specialists will remain assigned to you even after project is completed so your subsequent projects take less time.

Our Customization and Decoration Services

Fast Track - Order to Delivery

We’ve not only mastered the skill to produce perfect sublimated products, we’ve mastered the art of delivering them timely as well. We’re simply the one stop solution to all your needs.

Whether you are promoting your brand or making trendy designs, banners, signs or anything else, we’ve got you covered. Just submit your artwork and let the magic begin. We will provide you with the most amazing service from start to finish. We make things easy and hassle-free and promise an amazing end product at affordable rates.


Choose the Product, Add to Cart and Place order.


We'll develop and have you complete mockup, soon after we'll complete production.


Fun starts as soon as you receive your products and start enjoying them. We also love that !

How Sublimation Printing Works

The process for sublimation printing is pretty unique. It uses heat to turn ink from solid to gas and then binds that gaseous ink and fabric together.

Creating the Design - In sublimation articles are sewn together from separate pieces of fabric. For example, when creating a design for a t-shirt the front, back, cuffs, and arms and etc. all are designed separately. A master layout for the graphics for each piece of garment is created. The file is then transferred to print on the transfer paper.

Printing the Design on Paper with Sublimated Inks -With the help of a digital printer, your artwork or design is printed on a large transfer paper using special sublimated inks. These inks are liquid based inside cartridges, and are designed to become solids once printed.

The Process of Sublimation - Once the transfer paper is printed with the design, it is then aligned with the polyester so that it faces the printing side. The transfer paper and the fabric then are transferred into a heated roller for printing. The sublimation printing process takes in this heated roller and with the combination of heat and pressure, the ink on the substrate becomes extremely hot and evaporates and diffuses before it has a chance to melt.
Due to the pressure of the substrate, the heating opens the pores of the polyester fabric, allowing the ink to adjust deep into the fabric. Once the heat is removed, the pores quickly changes back to its solid form within the fabric. As a result of this process, the material is sublimated permanently and shows a high-color graphic art or design.

Cutting and Sewing the Sublimated Fabric - Once the sublimation process is complete, the transfer paper is removed. All the individual pieces of fabric are then cut and sewn together to create complete set of garments.

Benefits of Sublimation Printing

Sublimation delivers quality, high-definition and permanent colors that are embedded in the fabric instead of being on top of the substrate or fabric. On garments, the polyester fibers are dyed with the color from your transfer, ensuring that the artwork you are imprinting won’t crack or fade, even after numerous washings.

Another benefit of sublimation printing is that the finish is smooth, stylish, and soft because it becomes one with the substrate. This becomes ideal if you want to maintain the consistency of the garment.

Lastly and the biggest benefit of sublimation printing is that, with sublimation the possibilities are endless. You can select any color, create any design and use any number of colors from the spectrum. With sublimation everything is possible.

No More, Cracking Fading or Peeling

We at ApparelnBags.com, are proud to offer superior quality sublimation printing that will really amp up your marketing and promotion game. Our state-of-the-art facility coupled with highly skilled and experienced sublimation gurus make sure that our sublimated products help you hit the mark every time.

Just send us your design, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll make sure that you get products that don’t crack, fade or, peel under pressure.


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Every order is protected with ApparelnBags.com satisfaction guarantee, that means authentic Apparel and exceptional workman ship out of our facilities in Greensboro, NC and Dallas, TX.

Sublimation Printing Is All About Delivery Quality with Consistency

Want exceptional detail into your apparel? You got it. Planning to go in-depth with the color combination? You go that too. Sublimation printing is all about outstanding color detail, and if you want a sensational look with mind-blowing graphics, this is your go-to print option.

At ApparelnBags.com, our sublimation printing is brought to life on a wide range of branded fabrics in different products like hoodies, T-shirts, vests, hoodies, etc. for men, women, and children. We believe in delivering quality with consistency, and in being honest, sublimation printing is an ideal choice of printing if you are going all out to impress.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of companies that do sublimation printing on branded apparel. But not all of them do well. And you should understand that sublimation printing demands the EXPERT skill level.

Why Choose ApparelnBags.com

ApparelnBags.com is professional apparel decoration service provider specialized in embroidery and screen-printing services. We have fully functional in-house professional customization facility that offer affordable and exceptional quality services to small and medium sized businesses.

ApparelnBags.com Guarantee

All Products and Services are 100% guaranteed to be free from defects.

All products we sell are licensed or manufactured by their respective brands.

Fast Shipping: 80% of our non-decorated orders are delivered within the next business day. For decorated orders, we offer a faster production time than the industry averages.

Personal Attention & Customer Service

When you speak with us, you speak with an experienced promotional products specialist invested in the success of your business.

We are available b/w 9AM and 9PM, 5 days a week and provide services on Phone, Email, SMS and all the major social media channels.

Variety & Competitive Pricing

We have more Promotional Products than any of our competition. We assure you that we have products suited for major industries.

We review well reputed competitors and competitively price our products and Services. If you see a lower price* Please reach out to us and we'd be happy to work with you on that.

* Regular listed price