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Promotional Products Customization Tips for Best Results

Printing your business name or logo on promotional products is the most widely used branding strategy that businesses use. If you wish to produce high-quality promotional items containing your business logo or message on promotional products, check out these tips for the best results.

Quick Tips

  • Color: For marketing your business on hard promotional goods, bright pens are an excellent choice. They are easily visible in a purse or briefcase. However, the imprint needs to be eye-catching to stand out. Since pens have limited printed options, a light-colored background can be used with a dark printed color. The change of light color imprint on a dark background should do the trick as well. The goal of the product should be to make your logo visible as much as possible.

  • Message:Suppose that the promotional product is a keychain. Even if there is a lot to describe an organization, there is not much advertising space on a keychain. A precise message or a simple logo can be wisely used to deliver your marketing effort to your audience. For detailed information about the company, brochures and other printed materials can be used for detailed messages.

  • Printing Area:For an effortless look and feel on a notepad imprint, an eight-inch area around the edges is needed for the design. This process halts the process of bleeding during printing. Nothing remarkable should be placed in the outer area. The information about your business logo or message will not appear on the imprinted item.

  • What You Can Not Print On Promotional Hard Goods:Logos of some prominent social media networks, sports clubs, and other businesses require ownership rights before printing. Make sure to discuss with a professional to ensure that you don’t have any copyright issue.

  • Type of Logo: A stylish logo creates visual appeal on billboards and business cards. A basic version should be developed for small promotional hard goods. People will find it convenient to remember and read if they don’t have to decode a complicated logo.

  • Vectors:Vector artwork is designed smoothly with the usage of other mathematical algorithms. Vector artwork is altered with professional software. A vector file has detailed information required for line creation. A starting and ending point for each line is present in the file. An equation for every coordinate is preserved. This particular equation presents velocity and direction. When the curve is evenly developed, a computer can create lines from any two of the points. Artwork can be changed if it is not vectored appropriately or if it is too large.

  • QR Codes:Usage of QR (Quick Response) codes should be limited since they cannot be printed on everything. The ink may not be precisely absorbed into a notepad for scanning purposes. Usually, it is quite challenging to scan pens or other promotional products. They need to be taken into consideration carefully because once they are imprinted, there is no going back.

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