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Apparel Heat Transfer Tips for Best Results has been creating and working with heat transfer printing for many years. With plenty of hands-on experience, we have tucked a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for weeding, cutting, and applying heat transfer printing. Check out these heat transfer tips that you can use for quality results.

Quick Tips

  • Heat Pressing: Heat pressing makes weeding faster and more convenient. If you wish to heat the base of the heat pressing, lay the heat press on the warmed platen. This allows the heat to loosen up the adhesive and will help you eliminate any excessive vinyl more conveniently.

  • Pre-Heating: Pre-heating your T-shirts is an excellent method for heat pressing. The heat press pre-press can easily be ignored, but it is an integral part of getting an accurate transfer. This means pressing a garment on its own, allowing the fabric to eliminate any wrinkles and moisture as it prepares the fabric to collect the heat transfer. Do it just for a few seconds, or a little longer if you are residing in a hot climate.

  • Helpful Ideas: There are just a few tricks and tips of getting a heat transfer lined up centered and straight on your garment. The simplest method is to fold your T-shirt in two developing a line to the midpoint.

  • Teflon Sheets: Using Teflon sheets or parchment paper on heat transfer allows the print to be well-placed. Teflon sheets are an ideal heat press accessory. They are located between T-shirt and top platen on the heat press, protecting the T-shirt, platen, and transfer

  • Attaching Teflon Sheet: Attaching a Teflon sheet on the lower part of the platen safeguards the rubber pad from ink or vinyl and enhances the life of the lower pad.

  • Heat Transfers: If you are working on heat transfers, you are asked to mirror down your design. This is necessary if there are numbers or words in the design. This becomes less important if a symmetric-based design is not mirrored. The only way to remember is by writing the word mirror a couple of times on the cutting mat.

  • Heat Health: Every now and then it is ideal for checking the heat-health of your heat pressing machine. With the laser temperature gun, you can monitor if the platen is reaching the correct temperature accurately to the entire platen. It is necessary that the press heats up collectively so that the transfer process does well.

  • Unique Application: Every heat pressing manufacturer has its individual applications. This includes temperature, best time, and pressure to press at.

  • Heat Tape: High-temperature heat tape is an essential accessory and comes handy when pressing a wide range of caps and mugs.

  • Greasing: Greasing your heat pressing machine once a year is essential and allows the metal areas to glide accurately but gets dry over time.

  • Cleaning Your Machine: Time to time, it is a good practice to clean your heat pressing machine to keep it performing well for an extended period.

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