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ApparelnBags’ Embroidery Tips

Embroidery Tips for Jersey

  • It is recommended to use cutaway stabilizers because jersey knits are very soft and stretchy. This will not only offer better support to the fabric during embroidery but also protect it during wearing and washing. Apart from this stitching will look lean and crisp and due to stretchy knit there is no puckering or dumpling.
  • Some Jersey knits are very sheer, and if you're concerned about the stabilizer showing through the fabric or causing the fabric to drape in an irregular way, you can use No-Show Mesh stabilizer. It’s a sheer stabilizer but strong enough to support the fabric.
  • In order to prevent wrinkling and help keep the fabric from moving during stitching, spray adhesive on stabilizer. Having the cutaway stabilizer adhered to the fabric makes a tight bond, so that all the stitches bound tightly. You can also use an adhesive-backed or fusible cutaway instead of the spray.

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Embroidery Tip for Canvas

  • It is recommended to shrink the canvas apparel before embroidering it. As cotton fabric shrink after wash, doing this will make sure your design stays flat and looks same even after many wash.

Embroidery Tip for Micro Pique

  • It is recommended to use a cutaway stabilizer for the support of Micro pique because of the stretchy and slippery surface of the fabric.

Embroidery Tips for Microfibers

  • It is recommended to wash and dry Microfiber before embroidering as it can shrink after wash.
  • Most of the microfiber towels are blended polyester/nylon which makes them stretchy. So you should choose a medium weight cutaway stabilizer to give a stable base for embroidery. Cutaway stabilizer maintains the embroidery to look good after several washings makes it important for towels.

Embroidery Tips for Fleece

  • Whenever you are choosing fleece for embroidery it is recommended to select high quality fleece.
  • Low quality fleece can move or stretch during embroidery process hence resulting in inaccurate design.
  • In order to check the quality of fleece, stretch it and if it retains its shape its high quality and if it remains stretched it is of low quality.
  • It is recommended to use medium weight cutaway to support fleece because of polyester component that makes it stretchy and slippery. Also to prevent movement during embroidery, spray adhesive on stabilizer so it can hold it.