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Apparel Last Etching Printing Tips for Best Results

Laser etching is a fantastic printing technique that can help you land big projects and work with different materials if it is executed correctly.

Check out these informative laser etching tips that you can use to get your desired logo or tagline etched or engraved on your favorite apparel

Quick Tips

  • Test: Before starting a new application, always test the fabrics for better etching.

  • Modify:Modify the distance of laser cuts and laser speed to get quality results based on the fabric type. The speed will be faster on flat polyester knits in comparison to the pile fleece since the fabric is thinner.

  • Denim Laser Etching: When laser etching on denim, reduce the machine speed to get the color out effectively, resulting in a more realistic application.

  • Laser Cuts:Expand the space of laser cuts on knit-based polyester textures. This process allows the texture to stay smooth and etched on the logo fabric.

  • Using Cotton Knits: When laser etching, use cotton knits. The application disappears once it is washed.

  • Heat Settings: In laser etching, understand that all fabrics get the same heat settings.

  • Micro Fabric Etching: Micro-fabric engraves well with laser etching. The most effective way to engrave micro-fabric is by using low power and high speed. This process allows the laser engraving to burn the fabric, resulting in the preferred outcome quickly. Besides micro-fabric, other fabric materials go well with laser etching. Some of these fabrics include denim, fleece, twill, and felt. These fabrics are strong enough to survive the laser etching process and are ideal for designing special holiday items.

  • Minimize DPI: Some fabrics that don’t go well with laser etching include plush and terry cloth. Any type of fabric with loose knitting is more vulnerable to scorching when engraving, which means that hard-wearing materials are more adaptable than other loose materials.

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