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William Terry
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
Great product, but package came opened and warped with the hose hanging out.
L'Eggs 20100 Silken Mist Regular Control Top ST
Dorothy S. Fenn
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
They are great but they ran at the toe the first time I wore them.
Mr. Michael J. Vass
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
Cant quite pull them up high enough to be comfortable.
Alternative 01917E1 Ladies Sharkbite Dress
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
I like this and wear it often, but the back between the shoulder blades is cut very wide which makes the straps fall down all the time unless you wear something over it, like a cardigan.
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
They were too long, everything else was great.
L'Eggs 15207 To Go Plus Knee Highs (Pack of 2)
J. Walters
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
I like the length and size of the knee highs. I wish that there were other colors to choose from.
Aparna Khasgiwale
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
These are surprisingly durable nylons, but the color is weird. I bought nude,
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
these are ok but I was looking for more support throughout
Mary B Isenhart
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
Although these pants fit fairly well they are extremely long
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
These were cute and all but they ended up rolling down and I had to take them off.
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
I wish they were more transparent.
Kimberly Webb
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
It doesnt stay up over the stomach as, it should
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