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Champion AO200 Originals Soft-Wash T-Shirt
Jacob Smith
ranked 5/5 05/06/2018
This shirt is amazing. The material is good. Highly recommended.
Port Authority BG650M - 14.1' Basic Laptop Sleeve.Port Authority BG650M - 14.1' Basic Laptop Sleeve.
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
I like it, Its cool and all but 2 things, Doesnt have a handle. The charger makes the front pocket get all bulky. It barely fits in there.
Port Authority BG613 Fast Break Cinch Pack
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
That fell apart in know time.Not happy with it.We had two.They both came apart.Very cheap made
Port Authority BG611 Pocket Cinch Pack
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
The bag is small, Tiny actually. It definitely will not hold gym clothes plus running shoes. Probably my fault for not paying closer attention to the description and dimensions. Wont fit on a an adult male to wear as a backpack. But for the price, Not worth the return. My daughter will use it.
Port Authority BG651S - Tech Tablet Sleeve.Port Authority BG651S - Tech Tablet Sleeve.
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
Almost fits. Super tight when zipping and the zipper is spillting a little. The sleeve itself is good. Just might not zip it closed.
Port Authority BG650S - Basic Tablet Sleeve.Port Authority BG650S - Basic Tablet Sleeve.
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
It was a little larger than what i was expecting but still a very good product.
Port Authority BG700 - Hanging Toiletry Kit
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
Nothing special. Its rather large so it takes up a lot of space in your luggage. I went back to using my old toiletry bag as a result.
Augusta Sportswear 1420 Training Shorts
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
Very light material. No pockets. Inexpensive alternative to the name brand shorts.
Anvil 982 Fashion Fit V-Neck T-Shirt
ranked 4/5 05/05/2018
Fashion fit means shaped like a bell ... Not fitting at all. Fits like a bag. A little heavy weight too for a plain white T.
Anvil 923 Cotton Ringer T-Shirt
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
This product is very beautiful i like it , this information very useful for me. thank you so much.
Augusta Sportswear 788 100% Polyester Long Sleeve T-Shirt
ranked 3/5 05/05/2018
The material doesnt feel good on the body but it is very strong. The sweat wicking material seems inferior to the waffle design I have on other shirts. It tends to cling to your body. I was going to return them but changed my mind.
Jerzees 562 50/50 Crew Neck
ranked 4/5 05/05/2018
Super soft and comfy. The upper part of the sleeves are too baggy but its not like I wear sweatshirts to look my best anyways.
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