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Bayside B960 Hooded Fleece
Ispas Craciun
ranked 4/5 10/02/2013
Excellent Hood. I lOVE it! stylish and comfortable hood. soft, excellent fabric
Bayside 5060 Adult Long Sleeve Tee
ranked 3/5 10/01/2013
The material is great. It's really basic wear around the house. The stitching is good. Comfortable
Bayside 3630 Unconstructed Washed Twill Cap
ranked 4/5 10/01/2013
The construction is high quality and the low profile fit is great for women
Bayside 3825 Knit Cuff Beanie
ranked 3/5 10/01/2013
I LOVE it! nice Beanie, comfortable and soft fabric.
Bayside 3621 Brush Twill Cap with Pancake Visor
ranked 4/5 10/01/2013
Outclass cap. I love it.. comfortable, excellent quality material.
Bayside 3621 Brush Twill Cap with Pancake Visor
ranked 4/5 10/01/2013
I LOVE it! .. excellent cap, very comfortable and good quality material
Bayside 5040 Adult Basic Short Sleeve Tee
ranked 4/5 09/30/2013
Excellent Tee. cheap price. comfortable fabric.
Bayside 5100 Basic Tee
ranked 3/5 09/30/2013
Excellent Quality product. comfortable. for daily use it is very good Tee.
Bayside 3810 Beanie
ranked 4/5 09/29/2013
Good beanie. plain and simple,, Really nice, it is double layered. The price is great,
Bayside BS600 Jumbo Tote
Paula Borges
ranked 4/5 09/01/2013
Very use full Tote . I used it for shopping time, its carry lots of thing. excellent quality tote.
Bayside B1715 50/50 Long-Sleeve Tee
ranked 3/5 09/02/2012
this t-shirt is loose and pleasant to wear
Bayside 8100 Pocket Long-Sleeve Tee
ranked 5/5 09/02/2012
i love to wear this shirt,simply i'll say its terrific!!
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