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Adidas Golf

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Adidas Golf Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Compliance Letter

* Click here to learn more about CSPIA at Consumer Product Safety Commission Website

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Adidas Golf CPSIA Letter of Compliance

To Our Valued Accounts:

As you are probably aware, in August 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (the "CPSIA") became law. Under the CPSIA, importers of certain consumer products are required to provide certificateof compliance("COC"s") certifying that such products comply with ceertain consumer product safety laws,regulation or standards. These COC's must be furnished to retailers of the products. The CPSC has indicated that it is acceptable for an importer to furish the COC's retailers electronically, if the certificate is reasonably accessible by the retailer through a unique identifier that can be accessed via the internet.

We are pleased to inform you that the adidas group has established an electronic system that will enable us to provide our retail customers with acess to the required COC's for our products. This system applies to all products sold in the United States under the following brands: adidas, adidas Golf, and Reebok.

In order to acess this system, you must go to the following website on the internet:
https://cpsia .adidas-group.com (the "adidas cpsia site")

You will then need to enter your user login and password.
Your user login is: retail
Your password is: retail

In order to access the COC for a particular product, click on the Search Certificate of Compliance function on the Mian Menu, and then type in the unique identifier for the product. Details on where to find the unique identifier by product type can be found in the Retail User Trainig Manual included on the adidas cpsia site.

The COC for this product will then appear on the screen.

The Retail User Training Manual included on the adidas cpsia site provides additional information on how to use this electronic web-based system. If you have questions regarding the use. please contact the CPSIA Records Administrator at cpsia@adidas-Group.com or 800-551-9327.

Please note that you are being provided with authorization to access and use this website solely to comply with the certification requirements of the CPSIA, and thus your access and use is limited to this specific purpose.


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