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Code of Conduct

i) Forced Labor:
There shall not be any use of forced labor, whether in the form of prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or otherwise of whatsoever means.

ii) Child Labor:
We always discourage child labor and no person shall be employed at an age of younger than 15 years or where the Governing law allows such employment. Or younger than the age for completing compulsory education if the age in the country of manufacturing is greater than 15.

iii) Harassment or Abuse Labor:
We always treat our workers with respect and dignity. Workers shall not be subject to any physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment or abuse in connection with their employment.

iv) Non-discrimination for Labo:
Workers should be employed and compensated based upon their ability to perform their job, rather than on the basis of gender, race, religious or cultural beliefs.

v) Wages & Benefits:
Employers/contractors shall pay workers for all work completed and shall pay at least the minimum wage required by law or the prevailing industry wage, whichever is higher and shall provide legally mandated benefits.

Employers/contractors should provide to workers, for each pay period, a clear and understandable wage statement that includes days worked, wage or piece rate earned per, hours of overtime, bounces, allowances and a description of any and all deductions.

We prefer using time cards manual or electronic to be used for hourly workers. For “piecework” worker an industry recognized system, capable of audit verification, should be used.

vi) Working Hours:
As part of normal business operation, workers shall be entitled to at one full day off out of each seven-day week. In the case of those countries where laws do not limit the hours of work, workers should not be required to work on a regular basis in excess of a regular work week plus 12 hours overtime. Workers shall not be asked or required to take work home or off premises.

vii) Overtime:
It is understood that overtime is often required in the manufacturing process. In addition to compensation for regular hours of work, the worker shall be compensated for overtime hours at such a premium rate as legally required or in countries where there is no legal standard, at industry standards. In no event shall this be at a rate less than the regular hourly rate. Factories shall carry out operations in such ways that limit overtime to a level that ensures productive and humane working conditions.

viii) Compliance with the Law:
All standards set forth in this code of conduct are subject to compliance with applicable local law. All factories shall operate in full compliance with the laws of their respective country of manufacture. If any standard set forth in this code of conduct is, in the factories judgement, deemed to violate an applicable local law it must advise promptly in writing.

Standard & Practices for Health & Safety

  • Factories should have adequate circulation and ventilation.

  • Free portable water should be reasonably accessible to all workers throughout the working day.

  • Workers should have access to reasonably clean and private toilet facilities in adequate number for each gender.

  • There is to be no use of corporal punishment.

  • Work areas should be sufficiently lit, so that manufacturing tasks may be safely performed.

  • All equipment should be tested regularly and properly maintained. Operational safety devices should be installed on equipment where appropriate.

  • Where appropriate, factories should make available personal protective equipment to workers performing hazardous tasks.

  • Hazardous and combustible materials should be stored in a secured and well-ventilated areas.

  • Each factory should have at least one well-stocked first aid kit.

  • We require that each enclosed manufacturing facility have an adequate number of clearly marked, unlocked exits in order to provide for an effective evacuation in case of emergency. By adequate, it is meant that each workstation should be within 200 feet of an exit.

  • Aisles, exits and stairwells should be kept clear of any obstructions that could prevent the orderly evacuation of workers.

  • Each facility should have appropriate fire prevention capability based upon the size of the facility and number of worker normally occupying the premises.

  • Fire extinguishers should be properly maintained and inspected annually, tagged with the most recent inspection date, and properly deployed throughout the premises to be visible and accessible to workers in case of fire.

  • Factories should conduct a minimum of one emergency evacuation drill per year.

Volunteer Program for the Betterment of Our Laborer

We created the Productive Partnership Program (PPP) so that our employees could take part in activities that express the principles and values of social responsibility objectives. The program gives employees a chance to share their skills and experiences and help those in need foster their personal, social and professional development.

Mentoring Program for the Betterment of Our Laborer

Primarily we endeavor utmost to curtail our production needs by local resources. However, besides this, we through our subsidiary provide manufacturing services from Pakistan and Bangladesh. These subsidiaries are in apparel business since decades.

Here becomes the team leader and provide employment to hundreds of skill and non-skilled laborers in the field of apparel and clothing.

Here our experienced staff conducts a special training program and share their skills and experience for the needy people.

We conduct this mentoring twice a year and the successful candidates get promotions and a special increase in the salary or the wages are allocated.

Verification Methods holds its factories accountable that the merchandise produced for it is manufactured in compliance with this code of conduct. expects its factories to monitor their compliance to this code of conduct. will utilize, where appropriate, internal as well as third party monitors to conduct on-site evaluation and inspections of its factories facilities, as well as those of its subcontractors will be permitted to check employees files, including time cards and wages statements.

We always provide a copy of supplier code of conduct, duly translated into the native languages of the workforce and should be prominently displayed with each facility where Inc merchandise is manufactured. Inc under any circumstances cannot tolerate any vendor that directly or indirectly, through its subcontractors, violates the laws of the country where the merchandise is manufactured.

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