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Our Embroidery Services

ApparelnBags is a full service embroidery partner for marketing professionals. We know that your days are filled with following leads, making sales calls, sourcing products, creating presentations, placing orders, and managing a zillion details that make happy clients and grow your business.

Your embroidery supplier has to be a valuable member of your team, willing to go the extra mile whenever opportunity calls.

We appreciate your business with each order and we earn our place on your team every day!

...embroidery goes beyond just stitching.

Digitalizing & Embroidery

At ApparelnBags Embroidery, we're known for our ability to beautifully embroider even the most complicated design-even on non-traditional products. We guarantee a superior stitch and we pay attention to every intricate detail. In fact, we believe that embroidery goes beyond just stitching. We take pride in our ability to see our customers' visions and translate them into artistically embroidered pieces.


The appearance and durability of every embroidered design is the direct result of the digitizing. Our quality control being with our experienced digitizing team. Our digitizers personally test every design to verify suitability for various fabric types, design registration, and clarity of details.


At ApparelnBags embroidery, we're known for our ability to beautifully embroider even the most complicated design even on non-traditional product. We guarantee a superior stitch and we pay attention to every intricate detail.

Art & Creative

Have the concept but need the art? Our team can create vector art for print or embroidery.

"Think outside of the box when it comes to embroidery"

Laser Etching, Appliqué & Reverse Applique

ApparelnBags Embroidery continues to think outside of the box when it comes to embroidery. Add dimension to your design by implementing a different technique using a mixed media application, fringe, print or etching. Our team produces custom made appliqué for a wide range of applications such as Team Name and Number, Large Logos, Vintage or enhancements to traditional embroidery designs. We are able to decorate unique locations on bags, hate and shirt, embroider on think leather or make custom leather appliqué' shapes, and even embroider off the edge in certain applications.

Appliqué & Reverse Applique

A separate, pre-cut piece of fabric that is decorated (or decorated and then cut), and applied to another piece of fabric, typically a garment. Appliqués are frequently used to reduce overall embroidery stitch counts, execute reproductions of which embroidery is impractical and decorate substrates difficult to embroider directly.

Laser Etching

Engrave or burn your design directly into the fabric of a garment. Perfect on fleece, polyester and micro-suede items, laser etching burns the top layer of the fabric resulting in a tonal mark on the garment. The tone of the mark will vary based on the color and type of fabric.

Contact us today to find out what laser etching can do for your business!

"Keep your customers looking their best"

Print & Digital Transfers

ApparelnBags Embroidery is excited that we can now offer printed Digital Transfers and Decals.

Offer your clients an alternative to a short-run custom screen printing production. We are not limited in the amount of colors we can use and there are NO screen charges to drive up the price.

From one to-hundred, ApparelnBags Embroidery can keep your customer looking their best with quality embroidery and the same quality of digital transfers.

Print & Heat Transfers

When choosing heat applied transfers there are countless things to consider such as price, delivery, durability, look, and feel and production friendliness. Our process and team ensure you get the best results possible.

Decals & Stickers

In addition to heat transfers, ApparelnBags offers decals and stickers to help your customers get their identity and name out more effectively.

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Custom Screen Printing
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