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Hanes 5370 Youth 50/50 ComfortBlend EcoSmart T Shirt
Ellie nathan
ranked 4/5 10/01/2012
"Its an adorable tee,my daughter looks always pretty when ever she wears it,fabric is very soft seems like specially made for my daughter's sensitive skin."
Hanes 5280 100% Comfort Soft Cotton T Shirt
ranked 4/5 10/01/2012
"I like its fabric very much,its quite good and comfy."
Bayside 7100 Pocket Tee
ranked 4/5 09/02/2012
fine stitched shirt,very soft and relaxing
Bayside 6100 Long-Sleeve Tee
ranked 3/5 09/02/2012
its a nice looking tee but i dont feel much good in it as it sleeves are bit longer for me then my expectations
Bayside 5070 Adult  Short-Sleeve Tee with Pocket
ranked 5/5 09/02/2012
this shirts looks best in its red colour,i bought it for my brother and he praised me alot for my color choice
Bayside 5060 Adult Long Sleeve Tee
ranked 5/5 09/02/2012
its quite comfortable and always looks too stylish on me,love to wear it!!
Bayside 5040 Adult Basic Short Sleeve Tee
ranked 4/5 09/02/2012
very nice and comfortable shirt,made my summer cool!
Hanes 5250T Tagless T Shirt
ranked 4/5 09/01/2012
"I bought this shirt in a bulk for marketing compaign and i was really apreciated by everyone,its a great tee!"
Gildan G200 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt
Minne Dewaz
ranked 5/5 08/25/2012
I love Gildan, I buy some cool t-shirts from recommendedstore.com and now almost 2 years color still good and not faded. All of them are gildan.thank you apparelinbags
Gildan G200 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt
ranked 4/5 08/24/2012
This all cotton T-Shirt really held up well, comfortable and minimum shrinkage. I use them myself and my customers. apparelnbags.com is super in price and service.I placed order 4:00PM and got the shirts next day morning plus the shipping is free. Thank you apparelnbags.com!
Jerzees 29M 50/50 Heavyweight Blend T-Shirt
ranked 5/5 07/21/2012
Jerzees, I love them with out any reason and for any any reason. I am a fan of Jerzees and this shirt has won me. Out fit is great and looking like athlete in it.
Anvil OR428 Ladies 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt
Loren Bennett
ranked 5/5 06/10/2012
This is just an every day t-shirt. Very cool looking and a perfect t-shirt for summer outings and fun.
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