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Van Heusen

Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
Anaya Paola
ranked 5/5 11/09/2014
I bought these for my son for his new job. They fit him perfectly and he likes the classic, work environment look, and theyre always in stock, and at a very reasonable price.
Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
ranked 5/5 08/16/2014
Van Heusen makes high quality clothing that looks great and feels incredible, their shirts are made from a polyester cotton mix that looks like a rich, expensive dress shirt, but the cost really affordable.Great quality, good looks, I would like to suggest to buy this shirt.
Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
ranked 5/5 06/12/2014
Look amazing with dress pant, nice fitted shirt in fair price. I am loving it and want you too to purchase this shirt.
Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
ranked 5/5 04/07/2014
Simple to order and quick to get plus a good fit and quality makes this a win all around.
Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
ranked 5/5 03/05/2014
This is simply a truly professional establishment with extremely high-quality.
Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
ranked 5/5 02/13/2014
This is a pretty nice dress shirt, the material is very soft and it looks sophisticated. This is wrinkled free so when it comes out of a dryer there is no need to be ironed. Good shirt. Highly recommended.
Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
ranked 5/5 01/25/2014
Van Heusen is a name I trust and I was pleased to find a shirt with long sleeves, one that really fit perfectly and looks awesome. The tails are long enough so the shirt tucks in nicely, they didnt stint back on material. The sleeves have a bit of space to shrink and fit perfectly wearing this this become a very pleasant experience for me. I surely buy more of these dress shirts.
Van Heusen V0144 Ladies' Pinpoint Shirt
ranked 4/5 07/18/2013
Good product,perfect fit, nice quality, easy to wash. A perfect shirt for work or for weekends. Definitely order again from this company.
Van Heusen V0114 Ladies' Silk Poplin
BJ Jackson
ranked 5/5 03/17/2013
Van Heusen & Port Authority great clothing.
Van Heusen VH56800 Men's  Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
ranked 4/5 09/16/2012
Very pleased with the overall look of the shirt. Just bought the Cayenne and the color looks outstanding. Weave is a bit coarse, but that is standard for an oxford. No extra buttons provided.
Van Heusen 56850 Men S Sleeve Oxford
Brian Sleet
ranked 5/5 06/10/2012
We all are always in a hurry and most of you might also hate to iron your clothes like me. Well this is just the perfect shirt for you. Just take them out of the dryer as soon as they are dry, and then you won't have to worry for ironing.
Van Heusen 59850 Ladies' Wrinkle Resistant Oxford
Leanna White
ranked 5/5 06/10/2012
I have been wearing Van Heusen shirts for years now and because they are so good, I thought I should write a review to recommend it to other customers. Very elegant looking work wear, and the prices Apparelnbags offer are surprisingly low with their very quick shipping service.
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