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Ogio 417053 Pursuit MessengerOgio 417053 Pursuit Messenger
Carrie L. Lynch
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
Not like the color. Otherwise, it was just as expected and of very good quality.
Ogio 417054 Pursuit Pack - ApparelnBags.comOgio 417054 Pursuit Pack - ApparelnBags.com
Barbara J. Aquino
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
Its a great backpack but should be cheaper.
Ogio 421001 Travel BagOgio 421001 Travel Bag
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
Normal quality and large size fits all books and gear
Ogio 423010 Torque PackOgio 423010 Torque Pack
Gordon Koebler
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
Price was great and works just fine. only 3 star was not color wanted but alls good
Ogio 423009 All Elements Pack Ogio 423009 All Elements Pack
stephan green
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
Little smaller than expected. But love it so far.
Ogio 425041 Vision Stand BagOgio 425041 Vision Stand Bag
Boog Cassidy
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
I am not disappointed with the bag itself, my complaint is with the color. The color in the picture does not match the actual color of the bag. The bag is much darker in color
North End 88808 Mens Seam Sealed Shell Jacket
Steven F.
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
I like it, but I dont love it. Its a very basic, which I expected for the price
Tiffany Kvasnicka
ranked 5/5 06/16/2017
Think these will work great for our polish bags!
Ogio 425042 Orbit Cart BagOgio 425042 Orbit Cart Bag
David Rucker
ranked 3/5 06/16/2017
Bag and options look great. Very functional with compartments. Somewhat Leary about the light weight material used, though
Ash City 87024 Mens Long Sleeve Shirt
Kimon H.
ranked 3/5 06/14/2017
Beautiful Shirt. I order this every time for my husband. But the size is not fit.
North End 88672 Uptown Mens Jacket
Marcella D Weicht
ranked 3/5 06/14/2017
Very well made, my only problem with it is that Im a thin man, and the sleeves have a lot of extra length. The sleeves are the right length though.
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