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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does offer customization services?
Yes! is committed to offer you affordable and “tailored to perfection” customization services. Our portfolio of customization service includes but not limited to: Embroidery Services, Screen Printing Services, Heat Transfer Services, Appliqué / Reverse Appliqué, Laser Etching.
Q: How long it would take to process custom embroidery, screen-printing and other customization orders?
An average time for embroidery, screen-printing and other customization orders is 8-10 business days and for new orders, it takes 5-8 business days. (expedited services available).
Q: What is the minimum amount required for order customization service?
To know about minimum amount to qualify for customization services please email us at or call us at (813)-344-0919.
Q: How long it would take to convert logo to digitized file?
Our internal digitization staff that will take your logo and convert to DST (digitized) files in 1-2 business days (same day service available).
Q: Do you offer blank apparel manufacturing services?
Yes, we work for small to medium private labels. Our Manufacturing services are tailored to manufacture similar or better product than your competition at similar (retail) price point. We have our customization facilities in United States, and manufacturing facilities in Pakistan and Bangladesh that offer a huge advantage. As we are able to satisfy your smaller and prompt needs right here from US, and larger orders where we have more than a few weeks out of our manufacturing basis. Click here to learn more about our manufacturing services.
Q: Can I select different colors and styles in my order for business logo embroidery?
Yes. You can choose any item individually and mix & match different styles available on our site to get them embroidered
Q: How Does Your Free Shipping Work? offers free shipping across United States when your total cart value is $149 or more
Q: Do you produce free samples?
Unfortunately not. All samples we produce are charged in full. But do know that we provide dedicated customization specialist to you that ensures you get the most excellent results for your order.
Q: How can I make sure that the product looks fantastic?
Our qualified and experienced staff pays attention to even the minutest details of your design. You will also have a dedicated customization specialist who will work with you to ensure your product comes out amazing
Q: How does your pricing work for logo embroidery?
Our logo embroidery is priced in the following way:
•  Number of garments to be embroidered is by far the most important criteria
•  Number of colors
•  Number of locations on the shirt
Q: Do I have to pay the initial set up charges if I reorder my logo embroidery apparel?
No. If you are ordering the same logo design for embroidery, we will not charge any setup fee. 
Q: Can I return logo embroidered item?
Unfortunately no. It is not possible to remove your embroidered logo for reuse of the apparel. Thus any embroidered item is not refundable or returnable.  
Q: Can I iron on the Embroidered Logo?
Yes you can iron your logo, but only from the inside of your garment.  Do not use an iron directly on the face or top side of your embroidered logo.
Q: If I have multiple logos that need to be digitized, do I have to pay each time?
Yes, each logo you wish to use on embroidered products must be digitized separately.
Q: What are the limitations to embroidery?
Small text, fine details, and color gradients are difficult to reproduce with embroidery. Additionally the level of detail that can be reproduced is affected by the type of fabric the logo is stitched on. For more information you can coordinate with our customization specialist by calling on our number.

Q: Do I have to supply the shirts, caps, etc. that I want embroidered?
No. You can order garments from our online catalog.  We offer various top brands at discounted rates on our store.
Q: Can I get my shirts personalized with names?
Yes, you can. We offer several ways to personalize your shirts beyond just adding a custom embroidered logo.  Please contact us for more details.
Q: What types of items can be embroidered?
Most things can be embroidered. The rule of thumb is if we can get the item onto the embroidery machine it can be embroidered. Traditional items that are embroidered include clothing, bags and caps
Q: Do you test every design to ensure it looks best on the specific material?
Yes. Not only we complete digital verification, we embroidered your logo on similar fabric to assure look and feel of final product before proceeding with production of your order.
Q: Do you offer Rush option for Logo Embroidery order and is there any fee associated with it?
Yes, we offer Rush Option for Logo Embroidery’s production and delivery. We charge $2.50 fee per Logo Embroidery/Shirt.
Q: Is there any difference between setup cost of All Graphics Logo vs. All Text Logo?
No. Both of them need to be digitized and the cost runs same in both.
Q: Can I get screen printing and embroidery on the same garment?
Yes you can. But keep in mind that in order to put your order through multiple departments it will add time to the production of your order.
Q: Do you keep my art on file?
Yes.  We keep your logo on file. On reorders, you do not have to upload you logo again, as long as there are no color changes or edits. Otherwise, you can upload your new logo.