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Screen Printing FAQs

Q: Will a 72 PPI image work?
Higher the resolution, better the output will be. We strongly recommend use of vector or 300 PPI images. (Note: If using vector images, please make sure all text is converted to outlines.)
Q: Can I increase the DPI to improve my resolution?
No, once the art has had the DPI reduced, it cannot be reverted. All files submitted should be saved at least 300 PPI.
Q: Which formats are acceptable for Screen-Printing?
We will accept any format as long as image is clear. Click here to know more about acceptable file formats.
Q: What are your print sizes?
Click here to know about print sizes.

You Must Read

Q: What type of ink do you use?
We use standardized ink to perform screen printing.
Q: How many colors can you print?
We can print any possible color which is as per the standard screen printing.
Q: What are PMS colors?
PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. Give us a number from the Pantone book and we will match that to your ink or thread color.
Q: Can I mix sizes and colors?
Yes, if each item you order uses the same Screen-Printing design and placement, you may combine items of the same style.
Q: Can you print on items that I provide?
No, we do not print on clothing or other items supplied by customers. We only screen print items that are available at ApparelnBags.com.
Vector Photoshop 300 dpi Internet 72 dpi
Q: Can I use copy of images from a website to print on my apparel?
No, you MUST have formal authority to print any graphics on your merchandise. (Ex: we cannot print Nike Swoosh unless you have a license to use Nike Swoosh).Also you need a high-resolution image and most website images do not satisfy resolution requirements.
Q: Why submit vector art, my file worked for brochures?
Vector files are recommended because it captures spot colors perfectly resulting in producing same colors provided in original file. Also vector files are scalable without pixelating to any resolution. Often Quark files are converted into a vector program for this reason.
Q: Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, our minimum order is 12 items. However, you can mix different styles, sizes and colors in order to meet the minimum order quantity.
Q: What information do I need to provide for placing Custom Screen-Printing order?
As mentioned in the Quote Form, we need to know the Product Style Code, Font, Quantity, Colors and Sizes. Make sure to let us know about special instructions such as edits needed to artwork, Rush service, specifications for names and/or numbers.
Q: What is the turnaround time for the order?
Apparelnbags.com takes 10 business days for a new job and 7 business days for a repeat job (expedite service also available).
Q: Is a white shirt cheaper to print v/s a black shirt?
Yes, a white or light colored shirt is less expensive to print than a dark colored shirt. Screen-Printing requires a white layer of ink to be printed as a foundation before printing the actual colors in the logo for dark colored shirts resulting in little additional cost. We can print digitally on both light and dark shirts.
Q: Do you offer price breaks?
Yes, we offer price breaks.The more you print, the more you save.
Q: Can I mix items to receive the best price break?
Yes, as long as the items have the same design being printed.
Q: Can I request an estimate before ordering Screen-Printing
Yes, use following online Quote Form to know the estimate of your order.
Q: What is the cost for Screen-Printing when I send my own items?
Inquire us through an e-mail to sales@apparelnbags.com for instructions on sending your own items. Note: Generally our customer find it more cost effective & less hassle to purchase items from us directly since the cost of Screen-Printing is half the price. If you are buying in volume, we have access to many manufacturers. We have listed all products on the website. So, if you are interested in a particular brand or style and you cannot find it on our website,send us an e-mail at sales@apparelnbags.com or call at (813)-344-0919
Q: I still have questions how can I contact a real person?
Call us at (813)-344-0919 or send an e-mail to sales@apparelnbags.com and our customer support team will answer you.
Q:How will I receive my order?
We will ship your order to your provided address. For details please refer to our shipping policy.