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Bali Bra

Bali 3820 Double Support Wire-Free Bra
ranked 5/5 11/22/2018
Very Comfy Silky and no itchiness at all! Its extremely difficult to find a reasonably priced bra that will not wear out in a couple of washings. I really like this bra. Im ordering more.
Bali 3372 Double Support Spa Closure Wire-Free Bra
ranked 5/5 10/31/2018
Bali bras are the best. Very comfortable and fit as mentioned in the description. Will always recommend these bras to anyone. Bra fits for big chested women. Very comfortable.
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 10/03/2018
These are my everyday bras for the time when I dont need a really polished look. The support is just right for me, even for mild exercise. They are all-day comfortable. Perfect purchase
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 10/03/2018
This bra is the perfect one for walking around the house and sleeping. This is the second time, I have made a purchase. It really does provide some lift and support while giving the feeling that you are wearing almost nothing. Very comfortable
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 10/03/2018
I love this item, it fits as expected. It is so comfortable. You can even sleep in it with no pinching or tightness. I love how it fits and feels on my skin. It is a light support bra and hold comfortably. Thank you
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 10/03/2018
I have been looking for this comfortable bra all my life for lounging around the house or sleeping with it. When I get home from the office, I like to enjoy a casual feeling in the evenings. I will purchase more.
Bali 3L97 One Smooth Lift Underwire
ranked 5/5 09/23/2018
Love this bra. Comfortable and looks great. Not a pointy bra.
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 08/30/2018
My wife loves these bras. She says the fabric is so soft and comfortable she has ever had. This bra is perfect, highly recommend
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 08/22/2018
I had been looking something comfortable to sleep in. Saw these and decided to try them out. It is so silky soft I dont feel like Im wearing anything at all.
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 08/13/2018
These are the most comfortable bras ever. This is my second purchased and I will order more. Love this bra.
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 08/10/2018
I love this bra. Exceedingly comfy. Perfect for exercising or any physical activity when you want to feel comfortable. Feels much better than others of the same style. If you want basic, stretchy, almost complete coverage, this one would be great choice.
Bali 103J Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top
ranked 5/5 08/08/2018
I bought this few weeks ago and I am very happy with them. Perfect fit comfortable while sleeping and easy to take on and off.
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