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BAGedge XVP Vector Portfolio
Carlos Irure
ranked 4/5 09/25/2013
Excellent bag. I used this bag since 1 year but they remain the same look new and the quality of zip and fabric is excellent.
BAGedge BE023 Bike Messenger Bag
Divad Po
ranked 4/5 09/24/2013
I love this Messenger Bag.. i used this bag since long time. excellent bag.
BAGedge BE002 Non-Woven Promo Tote
Polina Ladygina
ranked 4/5 09/21/2013
awesome Tote.I will order more Promo tote..
BAGedge BE007 Canvas Promo Tote
ranked 4/5 09/21/2013
Is is very use full Cancas promo tote.. It will make a great gift since plastic bags are on their way out.
BAGedge BE004 Canvas Boat Tote
Steven Elia
ranked 4/5 09/20/2013
Amazing Canvas Boat Tote. Perfect size and excellent quality fabric I used this bag since 6 months but they remain the same...They look new after washed ,
BAGedge BE003 Canvas Tote
Natalie Jojo
ranked 4/5 09/13/2013
very reasonable price, and easy to clean. I love it.
BAGedge BE008 Canvas Book Tote
Louie Griggs
ranked 4/5 09/12/2013
I purchased this product for my wife. She is always using this Tote bag for carrying the many thing. This is very strong bag.
BAGedge BE014 Sport Duffel
Pedro Nel
ranked 4/5 09/11/2013
awesome bag. I used this bag since 1 year but they look new after wash. zip is excellent quality.
BAGedge BE009 Canvas Zippered Book Tote
ranked 5/5 09/09/2013
I used this tote bag to carry the vegetables and other things. It is very use full bag for housewife. fabric is very good quality in cheap price.
BAGedge BE010 Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles
ranked 4/5 09/05/2013
This bag is great and strong for shopping.Worked great
BAGedge BE044 Tech Backpack
ranked 4/5 05/15/2013
This is a such a great backpack perfect for school, college or luggage. This backpack has a large space and plenty of compartments which can carry things easily. This backpack looks great and has great quality, comfortable. Perfect for my every day use.
BAGedge BE010 Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles
ranked 5/5 01/16/2013
"The canvas totes are fine -- they have many uses. I use them at the grocery store, when traveling and as storage bags."
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