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BAGedge BE010 Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles
ranked 4/5 08/16/2011
.I loved the bags, especially the fact that they have colored handles. Great all purpose bag! the quality is better than many other bags I've ordered online
BAGedge BE021 Non-Woven Messenger Bag
ranked 4/5 06/18/2011
I think they can be used if you have to spend a night somewhere, Good for lightweight items. Also works good for applying iron-ons.
BAGedge BE002 Non-Woven Promo Tote
ranked 5/5 06/16/2011
We needed to order around 2000 and we got them quickly and they printed beautifully.
BAGedge BE002 Non-Woven Promo Tote
ranked 4/5 06/16/2011
fantastic product, beautiful colors and quality, Worked well used for the beach in Hawaii.
BAGedge BE009 Canvas Zippered Book Tote
ranked 5/5 06/16/2011
I got this tote bag to carry a few things with me when go to outside carried books, magazines, my pocket purse, and all those extra items you need.
BAGedge BE007 Canvas Promo Tote
Helen Ambrose
ranked 4/5 06/16/2011
Very useful very convenient. i love being able to throw my dirty gym clothes in here. I Rrealy thought the bag would be thin and flimsy it is a good strong bag.
BAGedge BE008 Canvas Book Tote
ranked 4/5 06/16/2011
I have not seen anything that can compare with it for anywhere near this price, we used them for both student book bags and parent gift bags
BAGedge BE004 Canvas Boat Tote
Rose Piers
ranked 5/5 06/16/2011
I use the bags to keep supplies for different classes I teach. Colors help keep me organized.It will be better if a side pocket could be available for a cell phone or calculator, pen, keys, glasses.
BAGedge BE003 Canvas Tote
ranked 4/5 06/16/2011
Very inexpensive, but do not look like it. The hold up well, and wash very nicely. I have been using them for over a year now. Very sturdy bag, looks great.
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