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Bagedge BE056 Canvas Sling Tote
ranked 5/5 07/09/2018
Arrived very quickly Bags were clean and nicely sticthed
BAGedge BE007 Canvas Promo Tote
ranked 5/5 06/26/2018
The size is perfect.They are not heavy bags, but they are perfect for printing promotional material or making a quick gift.I would buy again.
BAGedge BE008 Canvas Book Tote
ranked 5/5 03/08/2018
Love it, Well made. Great size. Just wish the straps were slightly longer for putting over your shoulder but otherwise, Excellent. Thanks ApparelnBags.
BAGedge BE003 Canvas Tote
ranked 5/5 03/08/2018
These are perfect for my needs. They are a great size for an overnight bag, A teachers bag or a grocery bag. I love them, Thanks ApparelnBags.
BAGedge BE010 Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles
ranked 5/5 03/08/2018
This bag is perfect it is just what I was looking for. Great quality Although, I wish it had a zipper, Nice quality ApparelnBags.
BAGedge BE010 Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles
ranked 5/5 01/17/2018
This tote bag is exactly what I hoped it would be. I use it to store crafting projects along with my tablet etc. It is roomy and easy to get things in and out of. It was reasonably priced and shipped quite quickly. Thanks apparelnBags.
BAGedge BE008 Canvas Book Tote
ranked 5/5 01/17/2018
These are well made totes for the price, I am very pleased with quality of the material and functional value. It is a nice roomy bag for carrying books, craft project materials, beach towel and slippers or even can be used for a farmers market trip. thanks ApparelnBags.
BAGedge BE007 Canvas Promo Tote
ranked 1/5 12/15/2017
Washed and air dried bags for dying. Bags shrunk, wrinkled and frayed to the point that they were unusable and I ended up throwing them in the garbage I was so disappointed.
BAGedge BE007 Canvas Promo Tote
Stephanie DAmico
ranked 5/5 10/03/2017
Purchased 35 of these bags in black. For the money I think these bags are great. Took HTV well and my customer loved them.
BAGedge BE004 Canvas Boat Tote
Linda Wat
ranked 4/5 08/30/2017
Not as big as I thought but it does say basic tote. Weight of material is on the thin side.
BAGedge BE010 Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles
ranked 5/5 07/05/2017
These bags are great and strong for shopping. Good size, Soft and comfortable, Thanks ApparelnBags.
BAGedge BE008 Canvas Book Tote
ranked 5/5 07/05/2017
Thanks ApparelnBags.This is the perfect sized tote for my needs. Very sturdy.
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