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American Apparel

American Apparel 54550 Unisex Track Jacket
Courtney Shaw
ranked 3/5 06/13/2017
The jacket itself is not too bad, it just doesnt look like the picture. It looks much cheaper in real life.
American Apparel 23215 Ladies' Fine Jersey Classic T-Shirt
Kenneth L.
ranked 3/5 06/12/2017
Good quality but way too big
American Apparel HVT401 Unisex Heavy Terry Cloth Club Jacket
ranked 4/5 06/01/2017
Good material jacket and its American Apparel so obviously it fits well and nice look to wear.
American Apparel HVT427 Unisex Classic Crew Sweatshirt
ranked 4/5 06/01/2017
Gives soft feeling and true to size.
American Apparel HVT450 Unisex Classic Sweatpant
ranked 4/5 06/01/2017
Highly recommended, A very good quality with on time delivery.
American Apparel F997 Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie
ranked 4/5 06/01/2017
This zipper fits great on my pet.
American Apparel H458 Poly Mesh Tank
ranked 4/5 06/01/2017
Its durable and breathable. Quality is also good for price.
American Apparel 8300 Spandex Yoga Pant
ranked 4/5 04/27/2017
for me I give it because the legs are wide and long, however they may be fit well on someone who have such skinny legs and need the length. Thanks AparelnBags.
American Apparel 8301 Cotton Spandex Jersey Hot Short
ranked 4/5 04/26/2017
Great but really skimpy coverage in the back, Thanks ApparelnBags.
American Apparel 8128 Toddler Cotton Spandex Legging
ranked 4/5 04/24/2017
I was hoping for a tighter fit. Maybe a smaller size would have worked better but they still seem a little baggy in the legs. Thanks ApparelnBags.
American Apparel 8228 Youth Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging
Noah R.
ranked 3/5 04/15/2017
Heres the deal with these particular leggings. They fit well in the waist, Hips and legs are accurate.
American Apparel Ladies Sheer Cotton Jersey Summer T-Shirt
ranked 3/5 04/12/2017
Accurate than I thought but very soft.
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