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Miscellaneous Towel Products

Facilitate your guests in a manner that they will never forget. ApparelnBags.com is one of the most distinguished and renowned suppliers of towels in the United States. In addition to the complete range of towel products, we are providing our customers with logo embroidery services in which they can get their customized logo at hospitality line towels. Select from our wide range of towels or work with our customer representative to get your customized towels at affordable rates.

Beach Towels

ApparelnBags.com has earned a wide reputation for staying loyal to its mission of providing excellence to the customers. Our pool of skilled designers have accurate knowledge, understanding, and creativity that makes us standout different from the rest of the industry. People who are searching for top-quality wholesale sand-resistant beach towel suppliers should pay us a visit at ApparelnBags.com. Not only that we provide exceptional quality, but we make sure that our products are delivered to the customers on time. We understand how a luxury beach towel greatly improves the experience of sunbathing, which is why if you are running a hotel business down by the beach or managing a restaurant, you can easily facilitate your customers with our high-end beach towels. The first and the foremost choice of the retailers, we are one of the most distinguished beach towel suppliers in the world.

Promotional Towels

The significance of towels in a retail shop is indisputable in such ways that one cannot fathom why some of the great towels will change into better business. However, searching for the right type of towels that will appease the clients and customers is never easy; and as an owner of a store, you are supposed to have a quality manufacturer of customized towels on your side to make the best happen. At ApparelnBags.com, this is something that we can do easily for you. We are one of the most trusted manufacturers of customized towels in the world, and each of our products is made to perfection tailoring to the modern day demands and needs of the customers.

Undyed Towels

A must item for every healthy home – equipped with natural color and undyed linen, this unique towel serves its purpose well. At ApparelnBags.com, we are manufacturing different types of linen-based undyed towels that are usually light in weight with a breathable fabric providing a sense of comfort. In terms of ecology, linen is the most appropriate fabric out there. Growing linen does not demand any insecticides or pesticides or water irrigation, making it one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics in the world. Our undyed linen-based towels are loaded with flax fibers that can easily ingest moisture; as a matter of fact, undyed towels can easily digest moisture up to 20%. The fiber inside the towel removes moisture, allowing the fabric to dry out effectively. An essential characteristic to have in a towel. For your entire towel needs, ApparelnBags.com has a store where you can choose different types of undyed towels in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Printed Towels

A majority of the people consider towels as unexciting for everyday items that are not worth discussing. However, you can easily get your very own customized printed towels or embroidered with your unique design. You can forward them as giveaways and gifts, or you can purchase it for your personal use. At ApparelnBags.com, we have made this service convenient by providing you with customized printed towels tailored with perfection to suit your needs. Simply provide us with your logo design and our pool of skilled technicians will cover the rest. You can use these printed towels to wipe off the sweat or dry your hair after a workout. These printed towels can also be used as customized beach towels for promoting your business in the summer seasons.

Fingertip Towels

Realistically speaking, fingertip towels are small-sized towels used to dry the hand after washing, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen. They are at times used as a replacement of a hand towel since they are less bulky and look more alluring and exquisite to use. Normally rectangular in shape, their small size is sufficient enough to be arranged on a set of towels when displayed on a rack or can be hung differently on the side of the sink. These hand towels are frequently used so that the guests can dry their wet hands. Keeping in mind the latest industry trends, we at ApparelnBags.com are manufacturing quality fingertip towels for our customers all across the globe. Our towels are refreshingly bright and customized for the best fashion and function. Stitched with neat and fashionable fabric, our wholesale fingertip towels are fade-free and can be dried out efficiently. These towels are light in weight, soft to touch, and easy to store, purchase now in bulk quantities from the recognized wholesale towel manufacturers at ApparelnBags.com.

Jacquard Towels

If you are searching for jacquard towels online, ApparelnBags.com has many options to fulfill your shopping demands. We have an extensive collection of jacquard towels in different shapes, styles, and designs depending on the requirements set by our customers. At ApparelnBags.com, we strive to provide quality products, which is why our jacquard towels are made with 100% low twist cotton. With the state-of-the-art process of weaving, we manufacture an ample amount of untwisted loops that make our towels 20 times more receptive than the conventional cotton terry. Without compromising on the quality factor, our jacquard towels at ApparelnBags.com are soft too.

Logo Embroidered Towels

ApparelnBags.com is offering logo embroidered towels of all shapes and sizes. Browse from our selection of premium quality towels and design the towel of your needs. A collection of designer range towels at ApparelnBags.com comes in beautiful color combinations. Our towels are carefully manufactured using high-quality fabrics with detailed effect all through. Our logo embroidered towels are designed to last long with easy maintenance. Shop now.

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