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How To Measure Strapped Tank Tops

Points to Ponder:

Don't stretch any part of the Strapped Tank Tops. It must be free from wrinkles. Don't use fabric covered surfaces. Surface must be as flat as board.

Choose a Strapped Tank Top in which you are comfortable and that fits you well and then take measurements as we explained below in the chart:

How To Measure Garments


Measure around the fullest part of the chest1"below bottom of armhole seam.

Body Length (Center Front)

Measure from top of center front seam to hem bottom edge.

Body Length

HPS measure from HP junction of front neck/armhole seam to hem bottom edge.


Measure straight from inside binding edge to edge.

Shoulder Strap Length

Measure from back neck seam up to strap apex.

Front Neck Drop

Lay a straight edge across apex of shoulder straps, measure down from imaginary line of edge to top of front neck binding.

Back Neck Drop

Lay a straight edge across HPS of back neck binding seam, measure down from imaginary line of edge to top of back neck binding.

Neck Width

Measure from back junction of binding edge across to other junction edge.

Shoulder Width

Measure horizontally at top of strap outside edge to edge.

Mid Torso

Measure 8" down from center front seam, then measure width from side seam to side seam.

Bottom Sweep

Measure width straight across bottom at hem fold edge.

Bottom Hem

Measure from fold edge of hem to top-most stitch line. Measure several times.