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Fast Track: Request a Quote to Order Fulfillment

Step#: 1 Request a Quote

Use online form or Download Excel sheet to Request a Quote.

Step#: 2 Review & Estimate

Order will be reviewed and estimates provided.(May require Phone Discussion).

Step#: 3 Order Placement

You approve Quote and place order.
You need to add specific customization service in shopping cart to be invoiced with your merchandise items.

Step#: 4 Order in Process

Order is processed by our specialized team to be delivered on time.

Step#: 5 Order Delivery

Order is delivered and confirmation received.

Our Apparel Decoration Services Quality Inspection

We work closely with our customers to find the best and affordable solution. Quality inspection is done on each step of embroidery process to avoid errors and to deliver best quality product.

  • Team Members inspect each merchandiseitem thoroughly before beginning the embroidery project. We are careful to look for seam irregularities, loose buttons, fraying or unraveling, and any stains from the manufacturing or shipment processes. Any item that does not conform to our stringent quality guidelines is rejected.

  • Next, the merchandise to be embroidered is hooped. Hooping is the process in which the fabric is inserted into holders so the embroidery machine has a stable and tight surface to work on. If the fabric moves during embroidering, the design will not stitch properly.

  • Our dedicated team continuously supervises your order during embroidery process to ensure no errors in your design and it is 100% accurate.

  • Once the embroidering is complete, merchandiseitem is checked by inspection team. We immediately reject embroideries with flaws and re-start the process.

  • Individualmerchandise items are checked again by final inspection team before it can be delivered to customers so that quality is consistent through-out the order.

  • We make sure each item of the order is grouped and packaged according to sizes. This results in convenience for our customers.

  • Finally, customized merchandise packed in shipment boxes and delivered to customer shipping address, preferably via UPS Ground.